Frequently Asked Questions

What colors can my signs be?


We can do any custom color/style background and font. Here are some examples.

What Fonts are available?

We can do any style font you like. Here are some examples.

What size should my sign be?

Here are some recommended standard sizes.

How do I place an order?

Call 844.480.3675 or email info@wedsigns.com and tell us about what signs you’re looking for. We will provide you a custom quote to create your signs. (Be sure to let us know if someone referred you to our site)

Can you help with design work?

Yes we can!  A designer will contact you with any design related questions and you’ll be emailed proofs to see what your signs will look like. The designer will work with you to make any changes.

 How do I pay?

When signs are finalized, we collect payment information (Visa and Mastercard accepted) when we are ready to print your signs. Charge will only be applied once your signs have shipped.

What shipping method do you use?

Your custom signs get delivered to you via UPS.